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EXCEL II Tent Trailer.

Take your Motorcycle travel experience to the next level, with the EXCEL II Tent Trailer. Take the stress out of rushing to your next destination, and save on the expensive, high season hotel and Air BNB rates with this amazing unit! It sets up in under 2 minutes. And can be moved into just about any level space by hand. So light, even a kid can move it. Don't sell yourself short with other brands. Made in BC, so your hard earned dollars stay right here in Canada!! Call today to custom order, or buy what we have onsite. Pricing starts at $8699.00 plus add ons.

EXCEL II Tent Trailer.

    • Tent - 100% Polyester with a PVC lining (January 2023 production).
    • Box - Heavy spray fiber glass box (White or Black)
    • Frame - Welded and painted steel frame
    • Axles - Torsion flexi ride 550 lbs half axles
    • Trailer Curb Weight - 295 lbs or 135 kg
    • Actual trailer size - 54 x 66 inches
    • Bed size – 52"(132 cm) x 81"(206 cm) (double bed)
    • High Density Memory Foam Mattress
    • Reversable Rain Fly. (Black/Silver)
    • Tire size – 16.5 X 6.5  - Rim size 5.38 x 8 (Wide Tires)
    • Chrome Hub Caps 
    • Hitch – 1 7/8 ball required.
    • Lights - DOT approved LED lights and marker lights
    • Wiring - CSA approved 4 wire system w. flat 4 plug.
    • Head Room – 6’ 4"
    • Storage Inside – 30 c.u. Ft.
    • Tongue Weight – 30 lbs.
    • Length of trailer when open – 11 feet 

    NOTE: Water repellent spray and seam sealer must be applied to tent and accessories before first use, and also before each new season. Sinister Speed Co. can help with this as part of a spring service, where tires, bearings and other safety components are also checked and serviced.

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